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Archaeologists and robots on hunt for more Antikythera pieces


"since it seemed to embody technology which used to be considered far beyond the roughly 60 BC societies that created it." FTFY

According to the post-19th C Spinners-of-Tales that classed themselves as "historians". There's plenty of surviving sources and artifacts that clearly show knowledge of what we would class as "machinery" including gear systems, and a level of technological ability that rivalled if not surpassed our own in some ( now "obsolete" ) areas.

Most of that stuff would have been trade secrets, and would not have been widely known, but you can see the *results* in the existing archaeology and whatever has been preserved. No tinfoil hat needed.

But I do hope they manage to find more pieces. It's an elegant thing, judging from the recreations I've spotted around, and a really nice piece of brainsweat.

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