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that is NOT what net neutrality is about, unless you are part of the mob of useful idiots being whipped into a fury over nothing.

it's also not how things work on the internet.

net neutrality is about maintaining the free flow of information across the internet, and is being dealt with very seriously by folks who actually understand the real issues.

has some excellent information about it. watching some of the video there from this years discussion on the topic really brings it home when one delegate say quite archly that 'having enough bandwidth to watch netflix in HD is definitely a 'first world problem', and not something that should be distracting us from the real issues'

there are also some good points about the exceptions to 'free flow' that are currently accepted, and why they are there (all of them have to do with protecting the integrity of the infrastructure), so rate limiting traffic that is from a single source, and burning through half of your bandwidth in a single link, is ok.

again, unless you believe bandwidth is free, grows on trees, and people are just being selfish and trying to deny you your netflix 'because'

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