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Well, if you're going to throttle my streaming in favor of VoIP packets, then I'm just going to have to find a way to use VoIP to stream my data

I don't think you understand Quality of Service. Prioritization doesn't mean "VoIP wins and your torrents of pirated movies lose". It means (in principle) that the carriers apply different rules to packets according to the needs of their applications.

VoIP mostly needs low latency. It doesn't need a lot of bandwidth, and it doesn't need reliable delivery - in fact, you want to discard anything that's been delayed too long.

That makes it really bad for tunneling large file transfers or video streams.

Now, of course the Net Neutrality Brigade insists that if ISPs aren't required to treat every packet as sacred, they will perpetrate all sorts of evils upon the poor defenseless Internet users. And no doubt that in an environment where they often have local monopolies or duopolies, if there is no regulation at all, many will engage in bad behavior - that's what big companies do - such as favoring their own profit centers over those of third parties. But that doesn't mean the QoS baby needs to be thrown out with the unfair-practices dingo bathwater.

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