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Greater dev access to iOS 8 will put us AT RISK from HACKERS


Wailed Gordon

> One reason iOS is more secure than Android has been Apple’s Walled Garden approach – quite simply, the less access developers have to the inner workings of the technology, the less opportunity there is for potential attackers to discover vulnerabilities.

What? Unless I'm mistaken, this guy appears to have no idea what "walled garden" means.

Apple has a "walled garden" because the end user can only install things ("apps") from a single, Apple-approved, location (the Apple app-store). This likely does indeed reduce the malware prevalence on iOS as compared to Android (AFAIK practically all of the Android malware comes from installing apps from non-Google-approved sources; because Android makes it relatively easy to do so).

Giving developers "less access ... to the inner workings of the technology" isn't called a "walled garden", it's called "intentionally limiting functionality". (And yes, that will also probably reduce the prevalence, or at least the potency, of most malware)

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