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Is the all-flash data centre just a tantalising dream?

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I have read quite a few of your articles full of some very good points, which are often followed by your usual lot of illogical unwarranted OPINIONS. Quite predictable at this point. Can you change it up a bit please?

Let me politely educate you.

1. HDD replaced tape, and it was never because HDD was cheaper than tape. It was for many other reasons, the most fundamental being that running tape was costing businesses money by being slow and not scalable.

2. Flash does not have to be cheaper than disk to replace it therefore. Can you please re-read point 1 to understand the lesson? Hey, anyone else out there, do you want to help Chris out here?

3. If you rent a cage at a co-lo running a bunch of Hitachi HDD for 3 years in California and find yourself going over your power consumption, and having to pay overages, even though you only really occupy about a fourth of each rack in the cage, doesn't it make sense that for the next 3 years you might want to only rent 1/2 of a rack with way lower power consuming all-flash equipment, and save yourself a significant amount of money?

4. There are all-flash array companies out there that have already proven this again and again hundreds of times with hundreds of companies. But since Chris Mellor does not operate in the real world, we have to read your ridiculous unwarranted conclusions about how the all-flash data center is a pipedream still, even though the all-flash array market doubled to well over $1bil last year. The market keeps growing like that because the economics are so gray????

5. The all-flash data center was only a pip dream until all-flash companies came out with all of the Data Management functionality that all of the BS vendors have. It was a feature set void keeping these vendors from this reality, not the CAPEX argument you are trying to make here. Now that companies like Violin have launched these data management features, there is nothing stopping companies from going all-flash, and they are actively pursuing it.

Chris, come on mate. Come off of it already.


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