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Former Bitcoin Foundation chair pleads guilty to money-laundering charge

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A Question to Ask which Begs a Definitive Leading Statement of all Mark Carney types*

Shrem, who resigned his position at the Bitcoin Foundation in January following his arrest, has owned up that not only did he process transactions on behalf of the now-defunct Silk Road, but that he knew the online marketplace was a haunt of drug dealers.

According to Reuters, Shrem told the court that he “new that much of the business on Silk Road involved the buying and selling of narcotics”.

Is the US Federal Reserve and government trying to claim there should be a legitimate dollar monopoly in the buying and selling of narcotics, with their laundering system accepting all proceeds, or is that a charge which can be laid at the door of all traditional fiat currency trading banking systems, however inconvenient and unpleasant that truth may be? Or is the online virtual marketplace the real target of the weak vulnerable and easily corrupted and perverted banking system as is revealed in this paper ....... Opening discussion on banking sector risk exposures and vulnerabilities from virtual currencies: An operational risk perspective.

Or is it a double whammy of despair and desperate operation?

* And dodging that bullet with dumb ignorant arrogant bullshit and prevaricating rhetoric has one shooting oneself in the head in support of a hacked and cracked root, and not in the foot.

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