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W. Anderson

Hat's off to John Oliver

If John Oliver's TV segment on "Net Neutrality" and the exposed background of Tom Wheeler, chairman of FCC did in fact bring about enough awareness of the potential calamity of eliminating Net Neutrality,and thus proactive national comment, then my hat is off in praise to John Oliver.

Very many experts on telecommunications and data communications who are not engaged by the large companies involved in the matter, has postulated that one of the best solutions to protect Net Neutrality is for all ISPs to be classified as Common Carriers as noted by early commenter, and thus regulated to prevent as much skulduggery as possible, .

I suspect though that these behemoths of Comcast, Verizon , Time Warner Cable and others will find other ways to manipulate the US congress politicians in their pockets, for overcoming any hazards to their continued dominance.

No matter any tactical changes in Internet governance here in America, the USA will remain behind other developed countries in providing efficient and reasonably cost use of Internet for their citizenry, due primarily to excessive greed, corruption and oppressive behavior of monopoly corporations that is an integral part of the national fabric.

A baby devouring Dingo cannot become a cuddly Cocker Spaniel.

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