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THE permanent solution

It's time to break up the monopolies again, and this time here's how to do it right.

One simple rule: anyone providing last mile connections, may not provide telecom services of any kind over those connections.

This divides the industry neatly into two groups: those who provide the wire or fiber from the central office to your home or business, and those who provide services on those wires, whether they be for Internet, television, phone, private connections, or whatever.

If it's done that way, the latter group doesn't have to be regulated at all. As long as they all have equal access to central offices, any telecom provider that gets as obnoxious as Comcast can easily be swapped out for another -- likely on the exact same wire.

Eventually some companies would pop up to be wholesalers of wireline services: "we have a presence in thousands of central offices, sell your telecom services on our network" and that would be fine too.

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