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C. P. Cosgrove

Aahh - Belgian beer !

I have never regretted the time spent at an illegally early age developing a liking for beer - with good English bitter ( and there is a lot of good English bitter) - well to the fore, but I have to agree with Beau, they make superb beer in Belgium.

I must point out - if only on grounds of health and safety - that the Belgians do not always choose the most appropriate times to serve their beers. On sitting down in a restaurant in Brugges once, my wife and I were asked if we would like a beer while we pondered the menu. Naturally the response was 'Yes please'.

Casteel Triple was the house choice - 11% vol ! A beautiful beer, beautifully finished, but I could hardly see the menu after that, never mind ponder it. But definitely not frozen.

Chris Cosgrove

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