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If It hadn`t been for the intervention of a certain fun-loving chap with a Charlie Chaplin moustache, there might only have been real beer with a Bud label. The US Bud lost in court to the original Czech brewery just before the fun tour of Europe by the above.

A huge wodge of wonga to the Czechs after their emergence from the CCCP has allowed US Bud to continue trading in Europe,

Under the beer purity rules the only place you found non Czech Bud in Germany was on US airbases, technically not part of Germany. Public sale was a food safety offence.

Worse still, some of the various and varying declared preservatives in US sourced "Bud" although FDA allowed ( maybe no longer, one would hope) are banned in the Uk and Europe and have been for decades.

Export US Bud does not contain these ( natch) But it remains a forfeit in rugby drinking games as a mark of shame for someone cheating since it is undrinkable muck compared to almost anything else.

Their use of adjuncts is also common in high gravity brewed to 12+% then diluted piss lagers common now in Britain.

The only alcohol you should make from rice is Sake, that is not dishonest.

I do agree that US Bud should be sent but chemical weapons treaties might be breached, and at a sufficient height it may go from frozen to vapour: ie. sublime, and that is not a term that can, or should ever be associated with the heathen`s piss.

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