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Isis Wallet, NOT an Islamist militant group, reborn as Softcard

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Anonymous Coward

"small traces of Isis will be visible for a short time"?

One of the few instances of NFC I've ever seen in the wild is a place that has soft drink machines with a "ISIS" logo and "tap here to pay". Are they going to send someone out to put a sticky label over the "ISIS" logo? I think I'll make a point of removing that label if so, just because.

BTW, I've yet to ever see anyone pay by tap on these things. Most swipe their card like I do, the rest use change and discover that these stupid machines somehow seem able to recognize a nickle only once in every 10 attempts, but give you change from $1.50 for your $1.35 drink in the form of three nickles. WTF? Apparently some scheme to flood the world with counterfeit nickles or something.

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