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"We have an increasing number of racists coming out of the closet, xenophobes, nationalists, Neo Cons, libertarians and assorted general bigots. If someone exposed their real comments and behaviour, we might have the possibility of getting them all out."

The problem is that Cameron Slater is on the side of such people for the most part. The current Prime Minister of NZ has been busy getting laws changed so that New Zealand can be sold off to all his rich friends.

Well... more so than has already happened under 30 years of rebuilding after a near-economic collapse driven by a past National(Tory) prime minister (Robert Muldoon, aka "piggy") using unsustainable pensions and farming subsidies to buy votes - and by all accounts the current prime minister is more than happy to stoop to the same levels of smearing and misuse of security services to undermine his opponents.

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