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It seems the current best guess for the source of the images is not a single hack or security breach, but a ring of people who have been privately trading hacked images for many many years, probably using a variety of methods (brute force iCloud would have probably been involved, but I imagine most of them would have been via social engineering methods considering these people have a lot of public information to enable this kind of thing). There have been rumours around for ages regarding a 'buy in with new photos only' private ring.

This is backed up by a few accidental leaks of partial photos in various forums in the past, the fact that some of the leaked photos have been confirmed as deleted ages ago, and the wildly varying quality, naming and sources of the various images.

The person/people responsible for the actual leak has probably not been involved in the actual hacking of most of the images released, although I imagine he'll be mercilessly tracked down either by 4channers doing it 'for lulz', or the FBI.

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