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As has been noted, the 'celeb' stuff is tame. Amusing term 'The Fappening' though I can't imagine anyone actually fappng to them (okay, I'm being disingenuous there. The 'net is full of strange stuff people clearly do toss off to; I just can't understand it, to the point of wondering if I'm really awake). 'Celeb' stuff is always tame. I look because I just can't bring myself to deny the existence of something for the purposes of moral outrage. I want to know every aspect of the world around us, even if only to choke back the vomit having learned that is something that, okay, I know it exists, now I want to never see it again. So I downloaded a torrent.

For starters - of the ones I've seen - the only one I've heard of is Lawrence. So, 'Celeb' is an accurate description, at least in the modern age. I suppose part of me hopes to see vain, clueless, talentless types getting a degree of come-uppance, i.e. exposed for what they are in every sense - and there is some of that. But there are also collections that are tasteful and that viewing does feel like an invasion of their privacy. It is like The Fappening divides into two distinct phenomena: grown-ups expressing their love in a spirit of unashamed exploration of their human sensuality, who are self-assured enough to admit the shots are genuine - and, I'm guessing here, are genuinely talented; and silly little girls essentially 'flashing' who, having been caught out, are crying - unconvincingly - 'fake!' and - guessing here, again, who's only 'talent' is being young, reasonably good-looking and who's entire career is a consequence of standing in front of cameras for the rest of us to look at (and pay, for the privilege). I feel like I've witnessed something tawdry where the leaking of the former are concerned. As for the latter I can't help thinking 'fuck 'em!' (just not in a literal sense, as in the entire torrent, Kate Upton is the only one who meets my own, er, demanding requirements. Kelly Brook would too, but her pics weren't there).

It seems to me the ones crying 'fake!' are the ones who could be unceremoniously dumped off the gravy train for the kind of non family-friendly thing we can now see them getting up to. So its all about the money; they're calling 'fake!' before their market does.

I googled them to see who they are and one - I forget her name - is doing Justin Beiber? WTF??? I know about the appeal of bad boys - been one myself! But Beiber isn't a bad boy. Now, even as I find myself thinking, really, she deserves everything she gets, I can't help feeling sorry for her. She needs help.

I realize I'm not being entirely neutral in my analysis - but then, that's why I'm not a High Court judge!

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