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I smell lawsuits

One of the most grievously annoying things about all these cloud services is how pushy they are. Install DropBox and it helpfully assumes you want to upload photos by default - I was caught out and had to disable it. I'm sure iCloud is just as pushy with new iPhones.

And since none of these services see fit to allow the end user to encrypt the data before uploading it means that anyone can log in from another computer and steal everything that is there. A computer literate person might understand the risks and nuances of cloud storage but clearly a lot of people including celebs do not.

So it'll be interested to see where the sueballs land. I am expecting Apple will find itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit from some of those affected if it transpires that a) it didn't delete pictures when it should have, b) it didn't ask the user about their cloud sharing options in every circumstance, c) the cloud sharing options were defaulted to an unsafe setting d) the option to disable the sharing was buried in the settings or accompanied by scary vague warnings to discourage changing it e) the service was inadequately protected.

Apple had better hope the leak was from somewhere else.

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