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@Destroy All Monsters

Indeed, it will be a welcome distraction helping the media to continue keeping our attention from the fact that a lot of the "Little Green Men" on one east side of the Ukrainian conflict are speaking Serbian and their equivalent "Little Green Men" on the west side of the conflict are speaking Croatian and they are replaying the same conflict for the 3rd time in the last century. Score so far is 1:1, popcorn to observe the outcome of the third one. Disclaimer - I have seen some of them myself this summer taking a short stop in one of the few remaining Eu cities that still has flights to Ростов на Дону.

It has been extremely entertaining watching the Western mainstream media go to extreme length on ensuring that this "entertaining" detail is not aired in any "news". In fact they have been better at that than previously (during the Kosovo war the video footage often contained the Chechen, Syrian and Lybian "volunteers"). After all, if you air it will become clear what will be next (NATO bombing) and how long it will last (15 years and counting).

It is lovely when we have a "disaster" like that - it helps keep the attention of the sheeple from what is really happening out there. Bring it on, let's have more celebutard leaks.

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