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Polaroids FTW

The lesson is that if you are making your own smutty postcards, use a Polaroid. That way you are only vulnerable to the physical theft and/or a colour photocopier until such time as you burn them. Having these things anywhere other than in your possession is a risk. And then burn them anyway or keep them to sell when your career is over and you are desperate for the money.

The secondary lesson is that the (frequently unannounced) shared/clouded-by-default setup of many phones is a really bad idea. As is sending said filth to anyone, regardless of how trustworthy you think they are. Maybe there is a market for camera-blinding skin patches or tattoos. I was going to say 'ban everything with a camera in it' whilst in the nudd but nowadays that's almost the same as 'ban everything'. Edit: with a 'yes I know this is a bad idea' override button.

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