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Let me break it down for you

Cameron Slater is the premier political blogger in New Zealand. His page hit-count outranks a lot of main stream newspapers. He is the son of the former president of the National (read: Tory) party. He speaks to the current NZ PM several times a year. (and you are right, it is Slater, not Smith.). He is a personal friend of the (former) Justice Minister.

Someone has selectively released hacked emails from Cameron Slaters private correspondence, which he himself chose not to release at the time for various reasons. A lot is quoted out of context. He is very good at getting to the bottom of things quickly, hence the suspicion of insider knowledge. He has admitted he has emails that detail the following that neither he nor the hacker has released,..

Two high ranking Labour (read: Labour) officials having affairs

Gay sex claims from a left (straight) politician

Illegal employment of spouses in parliamentary services

Spousal abuse by left-leaning politicians

(Full details here

It is interesting to note that none of these unproven revelations have made it to press, only the ones that damage the right. This is unfortunately hactivism taking a political slant, and being very selective in what it views. This is not in the public interest, like the expenses scandal. Surf his website, you might find an actual Journalist lurking down under here.

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