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If I have to chose between First or god forbid National Express versus EasyJet I would probably choose the latter.

So while a great idea in principle, you will have to re-regulate the railways first (as in most places where they have working rail on the continent) and then do this.

After that you will have to ensure that the truckers and other vested interest parties do not give the government yeat another set of "election donations", sorry backhanders to ensure that the government does not do something useful with taxpayers money. Example - the cost of the ultra-expensive useless toy trainset known as High Speed 2 in the UK (and the slightly more useful CrossRail) exceeds by an order of magnitude the cost of going along all main routes into London and raising the height and width of all bridges and tunnels. Why do that? Two reasons. The less important one - Eu commuter rail is all 2 floor, this will allow the train carriages to stop being "special order" and the cost will drop per supply and demand. Additionally the capacity will increase by 1.7 times overnight. The more important one is that UK goods rail is limited to "special" carriages and _CANNOT_ carry standard issue containers. They all have to go by road feeding truckers associations (which in turn provide handy backhanders) and producing pollution (which in turn is a massive backhander again in the form of pertrol excise duty).

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