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Bjarne Stroustrup's haircut!

Bradley Hardleigh-Hadderchance

Bjarne Stroustrup's haircut!

It's kind of special, ain't it?

Whatever your thoughts on C vs C++, it's hard not to admire this mans bonce!

It's almost as if he is a top dog crack crazed killer for a motorbike gang, and no one feels like mentioning to the 'Don' that well, a trip to the local hairdresser might be good for personal moral.

What do I know? I bet Bjarne gets all the **** he can handle. A Boss, as they say.

Sighs of "OOhhhh Mr. Stroustrup, you _REALLY_ do know how to code!".

Bjarne: "Better believe it bitch! And stop running your fingers through what is left of my hair. I don't want it to get messed up! I have a photoshoot tomorrow for my new book on 'Why C is not as good as C++', and I need to look my worst".

(Moans of "Peak!", "Poke!". If then, if not, go to....Now then Now then!)


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