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Exactly what's the incentive for someone to choose a Blackberry with a relatively tiny market share which is consequently much less likely to get many of the apps that are and will be made available for iOS and Android, versus an Android or iPhone that they judged to be "just as good as"?

I believe their new devices, which will ship with 10.3 has access to the Amazon Appstore, so you can install any Android app that you find in there (which will be all the main important ones)

Whether they run OK on the Blackberry OS remains to be seen. Not sure how they will handle the permissions headache that Android seems to be presenting at the minute for example and you could install an app to find it is constantly crashing as they don't have the required API support.

I personally really like the look of the Blackberry Passport. I've never owned a Blackberry before though and I know a lot of people who basically ran their businesses from their car and Blackberry Bold, but have all switched to the iPhone, but I can't wait to have a play with the passport and see what it is like for myself. I think they missed a trick with the three line keyboard though by not going for the blackberry bold style keyboard.

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