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"A successful hack of one of the "too big to fail" global financial institutions would probably do the trick."

If the hack of Target and the Crash of 2008 is any indication, I don't think this will do anything, either. Basically, western civilisation has so much institutional momentum that it'll endure anything short of an existential threat. Like the latter days of Rome, nothing will change until the whole blanking works comes tumbling down. Nothing else will budge it, like a wall built so strong that the only way to take it down will require wiping it out completely—AND everything in a 20m radius around it.

"Grandma Hargrove was right: You don't want all your eggs in one basket."

Trouble is life isn't so accommodating. What do you do when the only container at hand is a single half-gnawed basket with holes in it? Oh, and you've only time for ONE trip.

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