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Integrate a phone and PC???

What a novel idea!!

Skype (other products are available) gives you a 'soft phone' on your PC with integrated telephony, messaging, contacts, hands free with a headset, incoming calls (if you pay).

So all the bits of the interface are there in clear view and windowed with your other desktop applications.

Phones integrate with PCs over IR, bluetooth, USB, WiFi....

Some phone suppliers even used to offer PC suites to manage your contacts and send SMS messages.

So what is so hard about having a Skype-style interface interact with your phone so that you can make and receive calls from your desk top?

Treat the phone as just another peripheral?

You can tether smart phones to use them as 'modems' to access the Internet.

So - sit down at your PC, put your phone in the cradle and your phone is integrated into your desktop.


The integration is so obvious that I have reluctantly concluded that there is some kind of deliberate suppression of what would be a really useful integration tool.

But why?

Oh, and wouldn't it be nice to integrate your tablet and phone in the same way so that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg extra if you want a SIM card in your tablet?

It is all a dastardly plot, I tell you.

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