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What it is for....

Seemingly not in the article so here goes:

Blend is as Simulacra75 points out Bridge on Steroids. The idea is that the content on your phone is accessible to the computer. So what you may ask?... Well the clever bit is that the thin client on the PC/Mac is accessing all the data from your phone and nowhere else. Your PC becomes a glorified input device, and your monitor a larger screen.

But while geeks may hook up a HDMI cable and USB on the go peripherals, Blend makes full use of the screen real estate by formatting appropriately. The "secure" connection is reliant on a good old fashioned cable - USB no less. No funky Bluetoothing needed. And no need for your monitor and keyboard to be connected to the web either. This is a tunnel only to the BB.

It will be interesting how CESG look at this, but purely for those who want to work on their phones, but cannot deal with the overly cramped screen real estate, this can offer your emails and contact all in one place. I am not sure if the office suite is also available.

Why now and not since the 90's? Well the smartphone has certainly evolved hasn't it? Now that I have virtually everything I need to get by on a daily basis on my phone, it has become the working computer, but no matter how much larger phones get, I would still prefer a nicely sized monitor and keyboard when serious tying is called for.

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