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Death by 1,000 cuts: Mainstream storage array suppliers are bleeding


I guess my comment wasn't clear enough.

I understand that cloud storage is a good tool for some companies to look at. If I had an SMB shop, cloud backups would be a superb solution for offsite storage and DR purposes.

The cloud industry (and its salespeople) have been trying to sell the notion of cloud to anyone for everything. My point is this is often not the case.

We had a cloud backup company trying to convince us (a nontechnical director at my company who just sees cloud = job promotion and relevance) to look at their product. This company has their own datacenter with storage to hold the backups, and customers connect to this from the internet to store and retrieve their backup data.

My point: Let's say the northeast region of the US was down due to a power grid problem. This has happened, and is likely to happen again.

If all of their customers affected by this outage started restoring their data to their DR site in Nebraska or wherever, would they have enough bandwidth to accommodate it without all of their customers complaining that the restores are too slow? The people I spoke with never thought about that, or didn't want to discuss it. I think that's a pretty substantial issue, and a good reason not to use their service.

Our company has contacts with customers that pay us based on availability. I think anyone else in this situation needs to look long and hard at cloud solutions before jumping into one - especially if they already have the systems in place that meet their needs.

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