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You shift the goalposts again. You argued that Mutt had more features than Outlook. I pointed it lacked such basics as displaying formatting or images. You responded with questions such as "does outlook support scripting". I responded that it did - in fact a full API. You then argue that you think Mutt's "scripting" (which is actually just command line flags unlike Outlooks Object Oriented actual API) looks nicer. You're just seeking reasons to dismiss that actually Outlook does have these features you thought you'd scored points on. Another case in point - your stripping all context from the GPG comment.

After finding out that contrary to your attempt to find ways to show Mutt is more feature-rich you actually can use GPG with Outlook, you (a) try to find a way to dismiss it by seizing on my comment that it's not available for 64-bit Outlook 2013, yet, saying this is the normal case. In fact, it's not - Office 2013 still makes up a very small proportion of the Office userbase that is out there. Most people, let alone corporations, do not roll out software immediately on release. And more than that - the default install type for MS Office 2013 is - wait for it - 32bit! So not only are you wrong in suggesting that the standard version is Office 2013 (it's probably less than 5% worldwide), but of those a large proportion are going to be the 32 bit version. Possibly you don't understand that 64-bit OS does not mean there's no 32-bit software.

So GPG is available for the overwhelming majority of Outlook users and the only thing you have shown is you are determined to seize on anything you can in your attempt to salvage your attack on Outlook. Actually, it gets worse - you strip away entirely my pointing out that there are other more enterprise-friendly ways of achieving the same thing with Outlook without GPG - which is to say you are putting your own personal rules on how something can be achieved for the sake of your argument. Not that there's anything wrong with GPG - it's great. I use it. But your using it as an attempt to show Mutt is more capable is flawed.

All of your charges were answered with the exception of using regular expressions in searches which you'd need to script something for. You could easily have looked these things up yourself but you would rather accuse first and hope that something sticks.

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