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Options are good, but cloud storage has a lot of issues the never seem to come up in these pieces

I agree. Little storage vendors are making it harder for the big ones to make as much money as they used to. For someone like me that works and purchases gear from these vendors, we are spending less on traditional storage than we used to. Excellent stuff.

The cloud is another issue...

There is a similar but less comprehensive and not-as-well reasoned piece on techcrunch today that speaks of cloud destroying the old storage guard, but what people keep seem to missing about cloud storage is how you get to it.

We had a director tell us to look into getting rid of our expensive mainstream backup solution (they hate paying for anything, which I understand) and use this new fangled cloud based backup some sales person called him about, and I obliged.

They sound like they know what they are doing. They support lots of products (but not Oracle, so already its a no). Then we asked about their bandwidth, and they claim to have OODLES of bandwidth. Then we asked the question if they had enough bandwidth to satisfy the demand of say 20% of their customers at once. Let's say the US northeastern seaboard power grid is down, and now we are all scrambling to restore our data at the same time. They didn't have a good answer for that one.

Then we calculated our costs required to upgrade our internet pipes to accommodate this - and the whole thing didn't make any sense, even if they did support oracle. Even with an incredible fast internet connection -it would never come close to a local 10Gb connection - let's not even get into latency over the internet compared to a local network.

And the rah-rah cloud storage piece is written by a VP of a cloud storage company. I guess its really paid editorial advertising, but they never mention that on their site.

My point is that there are all these other costs around cloud storage beyond the $/GB a month, but people just seem to accept that they aren't a big deal until they have to pay for them.

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