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Power of iPhone 6 hype-gasm: Apple a sniff away from record stock high

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good for gamblers

The next few months ought to be great for Apple so an irresistible temptation for stock gamblers.

The iPhone 6 is a step forward - the long overdue increase in screen size makes this years launch far more interesting than last, although given how tolerant their customer base has been with the aging mini-screen format will be interesting to see what customer reaction is like as iPhone finally catches up with Android. Buying up so much 20nm wafer capacity so other manufacturers can't compete with the A8 SoC for a while should help for a few months too.

Apples achilles heel is continuing US carrier business subsidies of high Apple margins at the cost to carrier profitability but presumably volume contracts protect them years ahead so a while before the license to print money runs out.

All in all there's a good chance Apple will succeed in keeping smartphone market share above 10% through 2015 giving plenty of revenue and opportunities to build some new product lines before the premium phone business slips into decline.

I wouldn't be surprised to see large swings in stock price over the next 18 months, great for the gambling fraternity.

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