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And you might have missed that I was explicitly talking about every file format but Office.

No you weren't. Let me quote the entire paragraph:

Apparently a city council need a lot more than just Word, Excel and PowerPoint compatibility. Just a few examples: CAD files for buildings, financial reports from organizations that are subsidized, databases on all kinds of stuff to keep track off.

You clearly did not exclude Office file formats, but included them as a subset of the file formats having an issue.

So, while we're being pedanticcomplete: the format of the storage of the other data you list is not dependent on Microsoft, but on the author/vendor of the software concerned. Yes, CAD is a major issue thanks to AutoCAD's equally monopolistic practices. But then again, that would be an app that would require Windows to be kept. Financial reports ?? csv's, I'd have thought. No interoperability issues there. Databases ?? The internal data storage of the DB server is irrelevant. Apps tied into MS SQL Server could be an issue, but all the major ones support a range of backends.


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