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'..Just to note that Windows 8.1 outperformed the latest Ubuntu in benchmark tests such as boot time, 3D graphics and copying large files...'

so, by logic then, I *should* be better off running Win 8.1 on *this* box I'm typing on at present...

oh, no, wait, I've already tried that, and general performance was so bloody poor I dropped back to using (initially) win 7, then back to XP on the Windows partition just to get stupid things like browser performance back to being on a par with the Debian install on the same box.

It amuses me when people talk about the alleged performance boost, where they claim Win8.x > Win7 > WinXP, I've still yet to see this at my place of employ where we've been Win7'd..of course, all the machines had to be upgraded, and the merest fact they've all got double the memory the old XP boxes had, double the number of processor cores, and faster SATA disks has bugger all to do with the fact that they're still slower than treacle when used for most daily tasks compared to the remaining XP boxes..or the Macs.

See what you've gone and done, AC, implicitly made me come to the defence of Ubuntu...I feel soo bloody dirty now I'll have to go and do a Slackware install somewhere to atone for this..

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