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IMHO, all the products you listed are turds. I use them daily and they make my blood boil.

The bloat of those products is horribly. Outlook gobbles up 250-350 MB of memory on a good day, Lync about a 100MB (it's a messaging app for gods sake!). The new metro look of the apps is horrible, they eat up 30-40% of my screen estate that can be used for something better. All caps menus, are they afraid people will miss them?

Word hangs for no reason or decides to change the format used in documents. And ribbons? The looser that invented that should be delegated to street sweeper. Anyone saying ribbons are good have no clue about ergonomics and how the brain works, the only thing ribbons are good for is to interrupt your workflow.

Using Microsoft software is a sure way to always pay for upgrades of software that doesn't really need upgrades. A word-processor for example, how much new functionality can you cram into it year after year that really increase the productivity of the user? Not much, instead MS changes the UI and say "Hey! Look at the shiny new software!".

It's the same for reading mail, how much new functionality is there really in every new version you have to upgrade to? None that counts, except that you also need to upgrade Exchange which means you have to upgrade your Microsoft Server which possibly means you have to buy new hardware.

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