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"You mean if you swap the hard disk onto a completely different chipset, Windows not surprisingly won't like it. That's a problem between the chair and the keyboard."

Not quite the chipset: the disk controller. You see, if you change the disk controller, Windows can't boot.

And no, it is not a problem "between the chair and the keyboard". At least, not between HIS chair and keyboard. Indulge me a little:

1) I install a fresh copy of Windows 7. Set my SATA as "AHCI". Once the instalation is done, I will have a "generic SATA controller" installed - this is fine. I can't expect the OS installer to have drivers to hardware newer then itself.

2) I install the corresponding drivers. Let's say that, now, I have "Madureira SATA Controller" installed. Al is fine and dandy.

3) I change the mainboard. The older, with the "Madureira SATA Controller" is gone. Now I have a "New and Improved" one, with a "Niterói SATA Controller".

Windows will blue screen. Why can't it just REVERT to the bloody generic SATA driver? It is included on the installer! I KNOW that it could use it!

At the VERY least, why not (after the first reboot) ask "You upgraded your SATA controller. Would You like to boot into safe mode? (Y/N)"?

It is just sloppy, no excuses.

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