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".....paying someone to write software, or tweak existing software would be far cheaper than paying for MS licenses...." And lead to a requirement for specialized support and uncertain support costs compared to a commercial offering.

".....And then to be bound again by a company that tried to force metro big blobby buttons onto it's customers..... WTF?...." Your opinion of the GUI design of Win8 has nothing to do with the chief complaint of the lack of features from competing products. The fact that MS Outlook has such features is undisputed. You would do better to concentrate on the matter at hand rather than simply repeating MS-bashing soundbites, customers kind of prefer that.

".....The thing is, none of the staff that are complaining have to foot the bill....." Your blatant disregard for the users would be very counter-productive if you ever had to deal with such a situation. And, seeing as they are probably also Munich taxpayers, in the end they probably do foot the bill. The issue is they are complaining - as users - that the lack of features and integration is making it harder to do there task, to such a degree that they would consider the additional cost the lesser of two evils. Simply disparaging them by saying "dumb lusers, what would they know" is not a good tactic.

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