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"Pardon? As one who works for "business", I think you are an idiot."

HAHAHAHAHA. Clearly you have never worked in that environment. Local government is full of the dregs of the workforce who's social disabilities and general lack of competence would preclude them from the mainstream workforce. That's why when they need to get anything done, they hire contractors.

As someone who proclaims that he doesnt know what he is talking about it but makes a statement on it anyway, clearly you are the idiot.

"Tell you what, why do n't you work for your local government and make things so much better?"

I do sometimes - as a contractor.

"PE is incredibly inefficient, narrow minded and, technically, lacking as "business" prefers not to take risk and loves to save money on the essentials"

That doesn't sound like any PE I ever worked for (I have been in telecoms, commodities, investment banking, it services, etc. etc.). It does sounds very much like local government though...

"I think we should have the best and brightest managing the infrastrucutre of our lives and society "

Civil Service pay policy doesn't agree with you.

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