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>>If they were really any good, presumably they would be working in the real world for twice the money and not for local government...

Pardon? As one who works for "business", I think you are an idiot. Local Government has a rather bigger, more serious, more critical role than most businesses, even when such businesses are paid by local government to do some jobs.

Almost any business can fail and life carries on regardless unless you are an employee. If local governemnt fails, you get rubbish in the streets, roads becoming unusable, law and order breaking down, education collapsing and much more. Many of the staff are underpaid and too few for the jobs to be done, because people like you will happily pay over the odds for a private business product but resent even one penny of tax to pay for local governent workers and equipment.

Local governement tends to do its job so well that pratts are unaware of how effective it is and hurl abuse willy nilly.

Tell you what, why do n't you work for your local government and make things so much better?

I've worked for state bodies: but for most of my working life I have been with private enterprise. PE is incredibly inefficient, narrow minded and, technically, lacking as "business" prefers not to take risk and loves to save money on the essentials in order to pay the upper echelons and shareholders more than can be justified. Of course there are exceptions and, of course, some civil servants are appalling. But overall, I think we should have the best and brightest managing the infrastrucutre of our lives and society - if that fails, we are in big troubel very quickly, along with the businesses relying on the infrastructure of the society.

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