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You have not touched Linux in the past 8 years, or simply have not tried ... now listen ... I have a HP EliteBook 8540W, a 500Gb SSD (FirePro GPU) ... that SSD I installed in Macs (white Macbook late 2009 and Macbook pro late 2009, too - both nVidia GPU's) Now not only was X coming up and after a quick apt-get was 3d rendering working, even wifi was working. Try that with two different models of HP laptops, Windows will show you a BSOD if the motherboard differs slightly. Plus, you will have to activate Windows again ... LOL. Even Mac OS X gets that right. Linux and Mac OS X you can boot off a USB dongle, try that on Windows ... please, stop programming, shit, no, stop using computers and go clean some windows; do the world a favour.

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