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Windows 8 really did me a favour.

Couple of significant users seemed to think they were loosing out on the upgrades race so they got Win 8 laptops, has really made them go quiet on the new is obviously better theme.

Users complain about software in use.

There is no direct correlation between users complaining and other software being a wise move.

User may complain that "Linux" stopped me hitting that deadline when hangover, distraction, lack of training may have been the bigger cause. The fact there will be financial gains to some vendors jumping ship would certainly be shill bait and call for scrutiny.

I can see that the early adoption may have given them some of the largest mountains to climb and I am grateful for the vision, just feels all wrong to consider users normal (possibly) moaning to get more consideration than a technical review of workflow and project plan based on the facts. Maybe the beards have given up and are drowning under the combined weight of the well incentivised political low brows.

What are the facts, not facebook rants and what is the comparative costs.

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