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> Zimbra. That product which is so wonderful, VMware couldn't wait to be rid of it.


So your reason for dissing Zimbra, is that it isn't very compatible to Outlook - which is incompatible with more or less anything else than Exchange.

Zimbra uses OPEN protocols, and then you should use clients that use OPEN protocols, like IMAP and CalDAV! There are a multitude of choices, including closed source software, since this is what the rest of the industry uses. Outlook is NOT one of them - it uses proprietary protocols, and is notoriously bad on anything that is open.

It is part of the MS lock in strategy - Exchange works best with Outlook, and Outlook works best with Exchange and works best on Windows. Exchange and Outlook have som crippled IMAP support, and Exchange can do some iCal export, but if you try to mix the MS stuff with other open alternatives you will suffer, and every now and then there are serious incompatibilities because MS changed something.

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