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An evaluation of whether the project was a success and whether it is sustainable is warranted. They should look at how the solution is running in the day to day business of the council.

Have they actually saved money? Are the users having specific problems? Are the users happy or unhappy?

I've dealt with upgrades in the past, moving from IBM DisplayWrite IV to WordPerfect 5.1, which was a much better product, we still had a small handfull of users who caused problems, because they knew DW4 inside out and people used to come to them with questions and they were scared of using their status, as everybody went back to square one and had to learn the way the new system worked.

The finance director was shocked at how much the support calls had increased, until we pointed out that, apart from his assistant, calls had actually dropped! She thought, if she could overload the helpdesk with calls, they company would switch back to DW4 - she logged the same problem (by converting from DW to WP the software ignored the set paper size (A4) and switched to Letter, which isn't a standard size in Europe, so the first time a document was opened in WP, the user had to set the paper size manually to A4, otherwise the printer would display an error message and not print) for each and every document she opened.

Her boss tore her down a strip for wasting company money, after that the support calls sank to lower levels than before the upgrade.

So that is the question, the users having problems, are they users genuinely struggling to get to grips with Linux or are they trouble makers who fear they have lost their cachet as the Windows Guru in the change and will do anything to get Windows back?

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