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That's all very well

But IMO virtualisation is a way of dividing up a "Fat" processing system (high-cost for one reason or another), usually when there are a lot of poorly written and low-utilisation systems that are tied to it.

i.e. the typical scenario of legacy software that no-one want to touch..

There is of course the positive side of virtualisation, that it facilitates hardware redendancy.

Even in embedded systems are going multi-core and the problem is often the same: how to get full value from all the cores. The vendors at least are punting hybrid solutions where Linux runs on some cores, and an RTOS on others.

IMO the opportunity for virtualisation in the automotive scenario is probably more one of protecting the reat-time part of the system from the rest of it, and especially in divvying up I/O resouces between Linux cores and RTOS cores.

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