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Zimbra. That product which is so wonderful, VMware couldn't wait to be rid of it.

As VMware partners, my company decided to deploy this piece of garbage when they still owned it. First we gave users the web client, but they all wanted Outlook. Then we found that if using the Outlook connector there is no online option. All mail must be downloaded to a local ZDB (just a renamed PST file). As soon as you start adding shared mailboxes, it caches them as well.

If you try to store the ZDB files on a network location they will break.

This makes it totally unusable in any RDSH/VDI deployments unless you give the user a dedicated VDI machine with a disk big enough to hold the ZDB. The terabytes of disk space we would have had to add to our RDS hosts to cache all these mailboxes on EVERY server made the product a joke.

When this issue was raised with Zimbra support they showed a complete lack on interest.

We have now moved back to Exchange which gives you the option of running in online mode.

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