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I smell a shill

I was thinking the same as you... no to mention the Horde of competent collaboration/groupeware available. Once you've escaped the strangle-hold you're free to cherry-pick from such a vast ecosystem of tools (including many of the market leaders) that the suggestion seems perverse.

I wonder what steps they've taken to trace/audit this vocal opposition. A handful of "shop stewards" could easily drum up a bit of noise. Quietly gossiping amongst the suggestible about how much "better" the new OE55® RibWizz™ UI is in TIFKAM 8.3 if only we could have it. Perhaps with a sprinkling of good old class warfare. The bosses all sit there at their expensive Macs and expect us to do all the work with this free crap. Won't even spring for Windows®©™ the tight bastards. I'd like to see *them* work with this shit. If it's good enough... Shows how they value... Etc...

Combined with natural "grass is greener" tendencies it could make the empire's new clothes look very shiny indeed. Seen the effect many times myself... NT - "better security"(!)... suppose that was in comparison to 3.11 - we were on NetWare at the time :| ...XP - no specific reason, they just seemed to know they wanted it even though in *reality* 2000 was fine. ...Then most recently and perversely everyone seemed to "know" they "needed" Vista - although that one did die away quite quickly. Anyone know how much advertising MSFT has been buying in Munich?

Could of course go straight to the top with a bung-you-can't-refuse...

We KNOW the Munich problem has been causing concern in Redmond. One has to wonder what action it has received.

Be interesting to see how all this turns out. They've got some bright, engaged people at Munich. Definitely one to watch.

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