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Looking forward to the end of Tuesday? You've patched this month's 37 Microsoft bugs, right?

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"Killer Updates" - thanks for the advice

Thanks muchly for all the advice - I'll just briefly answer a few of the points.

I appreciate that "tens of millions of Windows machines manage to apply Windows updates without any drama every month". That's true - I'm usually part of the club. But, along with too many others, I 'regularly' get caught out!

I will say that it's an unrewarding and time-consuming task to navigate the official M$ site (will avoid ranting at this point).

I had created various restore points before Windows Updating but, on boot up, it proved impossible to use this option (I won't bore you with details).

As I indicated before the IT engineer made it very clear to me that the problem was with the Windows Update service - rather than "badly written drivers" etc.

IMHO it is M$ themselves should be doing the testing beforehand - not us.

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