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I can not take anybody serious that writes sentences like this

Yet I can take you seriously (at least enough so to point out your inability to present an articulate, cogent argument) despite your inability to write "cannot" as a single word, or understand the difference between adjectives and adverbs. Perhaps you should seek professional help for this neurosis.

Then you can explain what's wrong with the sentence you quoted.

this is yet another one of these prediction methods that are based upon on the assumption that history repeats itself

No, it isn't, in any meaningful sense. Obviously if future events are completely random and there is no correlation between past events and future ones, any "prediction method" is doomed. But so is causality, so that's not a very useful assumption.

the funny thing about economics is that it is a man made system, but not a fixed system

Is that funny "ha ha" or funny "strange"? What "man made" [sic] systems are "fixed"?

it would seize to do so

Homonyms are fun, aren't they?

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