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Amazon takes swipe at PayPal, Square with card reader for mobes


Anything that helps small business improve cash-flow is great news.

I currently use a PayPal Here swipe several times a week to hit up clients for payment on the spot.

At a straight 1.95% charge it's currently the cheapest option out there - especially in Australia.

If I went for a mobile credit card/EFTPOS terminal from a bank - they would charge me hundreds for the device, a monthly fee, a % + a transaction fee.

I owned the previous triangle PayPal Here triangle device and it was a pice of steaming crap.

It rarely worked, did not work with pin and chip, if I launched the software with headphones in it played a high pitch sound at full volume. I only used it 3 times - it simply didn't work.

On top of that, when they first released it, any payment you received using the device was held in escrow 30 days in case of chargeback!

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