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Pretty soon all hackers will be working for state agencies,,,, very disgusting to say the least.

Life sucks...

What has this world come to? ..... Anonymous Coward

Methinks nowhere near all of them, AC, for the smartest of the smarter ones will be leading everything and anything with non-state private sector support and protection for their fabulously rewarding activities. I grant you that state agencies might be paying for them too, but to imagine they be working for state agencies is too far a stretch for even the most active of imaginations. Helping them in their endeavours and with their enquires is quite as much as can be reasonably expected.

I would, of course, be extremely happy to retract and reconsider practically all of that should state agencies mature and evolve into organisations headed by entities and individuals more than capable of being in command and control of peace and prosperity rather than being as muppet puppets for programs pumping out and pimping for austerity and mayhem, war and inequitable division. Take my advice though, and don't be holding your breath on that happening any time sooner than the other matter being shared here as being most likely the future course of present virtual actions.

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