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Govt control? Hah! It's IMPOSSIBLE to have a successful command economy

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Re: "Mega Corp" proves command and control can work!

"Command and Control DOES work"

Erm, no, it really doesn't. Lets take a simple example and work from there. Hookers. There IS a demand for working girls, and there is likely always going to be. In a command economy, someones daughters have to be assigned that task. I assume you'll be happy if we assign yours to it? Or your sister, mother, girlfriend, wife? No, me either.

Now just because its illegal, that doesn't mean the state doesn't have to fill the demand. If the state doesn't, then money & resources are being allocated to areas the state doesn't know about and can't model, thus bringing about Worstalls point.

Socialism and communism are the ideology and dogma of failure. They can never succeed because they run counter to human nature. Even if we assume a robotised future, you'll never reach post scarcity due to a requirement for energy and raw materials.

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