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I agree with your observations. The reason why government can't plan is twofold. First, try "herding cats". They don't want to do what you want and if they did, they wouldn't know how. That's a perfect allegory for most humans. You can't plan when no one is cooperative. Next, there are just too many variables to calculate the trajectory of the economy. It is too complex, much like the Climate debate; for anything to make a cogent result of it. There is always a "But If".

Your comment about immigration is interesting as it points to the US situation with illegal immigration. If they won't use the proper system, how are we ever to figure out how many we really have here? Besides of course, the overwhelming cost on society? The doors are still open for immigration, just not to those who will only bring a burden to our economy. It is impossible to supply the proper services in the right quantity knowing who and how many needs them.

Immigrants who come here legally (and current residents) should not be penalized by those who won't come here legally or conform to the rule of law.

If those who work within the system lose out to those who don't, how is that fair? I work hard for my income, and I pay my taxes. I expect that from everyone. I can't expect Social Services to keep a roof over my head and they won't.

Unfortunately that's NOT true in the case of illegals. They are being provided with benefits I cannot qualify for and at my expense.

The only thing I can say for sure is the system is out of balance and will topple if nothing is done.

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