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We now need to work out how to encrypt the contents of a subway sandwich. I dont want the government to gather data on my favourite could be used to bribe me.


You: Do you expect me to talk?

Gov: No Mr Jones, I expect you to dine. Agent Ramsay retrieve...the sandwich.

Agent R: F****** c***! Yes sir! B*******!

You: Oh dear god nooooooo!

Agent R: Eat the f****** sandwich you f****** s*** eating t***. Give us the f****** codes you w*****. B*******!. *force feeds Italian BMT*

Me: Mmff nom ummf nom no! Mmff nom ill numph-ver speak nom. *wretch*.

Ladies and gentleman enter the Guantanamo Bistro. Where you get a 3 course interrogation. A light starter of heavy rope contacting balls through a seatless chair with your choice of knot on the end, followed by a generous helping of solitary closely followed up with a traditional cheese boarding and finished with a cuban cyanide cigar with a polonium libre cocktail served with a gratutious beating.

Invite only. Contact details unavailable. A spokesman at launch refused to acknowledge or deny its existence but was quoted as saying "I have nothing to add".

Soldier of Fortune rated this establishment as 4 grenades out of 5. The most challenging meal they never remembered.

Previously removed from Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares for actually being a nightmare.

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