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What's the point

I'm struggling to think of uses for this resolution, apart from military ones. There's also the refresh rate to specify. And who will pay for a licence to use it?

I've found something by the Earth Imaging Journal: oil, gas or mineral exploration will pay good money for images, and the higher resolution is good for the required detailed analysis. But otherwise, who will pay lots of money for these:

Geological studies, cliff erosion. 1m, monthly or less frequent

Geological studies, glacier movement. >1m, yearly

Animal population distribution. 1m but possibly less, monthly or yearly

Weather. >10m, daily

Policing (environmental): mining, settlement, building, deforestation. 1m, yearly or more frequent

Policing safety concerns: oil spills, toxic waste, fires. <10m, weekly (or more frequent?)

Policing: mass graves/genocide. <1m, monthly

Enlighten me!

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